Friday, 1 February 2013

Jay the Master Fire-Breather & Pyrotechnician

Whilst on location creating the firewall for the Ultima GTR shoot I randomly suggested to Ric that we should find a fire breather, someone who could add that little extra to the pictures.  Casually, Ric turns to me and announces that his best mate can do just that, I nearly fell over, “really?” I asked – "Infact Barry, he can do far more than just fire breathe, he’s been doing this for nearly 2 decades".  Unable to contain myself I suggested we set up a meeting, share ideas and get the ball rolling.

Last night (31/01/2013), Ric, myself and the Master Fire-Breather & Pyrotechnician had our first meeting – Armed with pen, paper and a good old British cup of tea we furiously started drawing up storyboards, discussed concepts, rattled ideas between us and recreated potential shots using a light painters trusty companion, EL Wire!

Not to end the night on paper we decided to head out to play with fire, not only would give us the opportunity to work together and understand how each other works on location, but also allow me the time to become accustomed to shooting fire.  As you can imagine fire is a volatile substance, as the fuel burns away you need quick reactions to re-calibrate the camera ensures you stay in control and you get the maximum out of each session.

Nearing midnight, with freezing toes we decided to call it a night – throughout our meeting ideas kept flowing, concepts were born and some interesting challenges set.

I would like to officially welcome Jay Master Fire-Breather & Pyrotechnician to the team - this is only the beginning of what will be a very exciting future.

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